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Sudden Lights celebrates their third album with an ambitious celebration and a new single

With a well-attended event in the Small Hall of the Splendid Palace Cinema, Sudden Lights presented their third studio album, Billion Summer, on Thursday night. At the same time, the band’s latest single “For a Uncaptured Photo” has been released, which was also presented to a wider audience for the first time at the event.

The album “Billion Summers” was made in the creative camps of the group “Sudden Lights” far away from the noise of the city, which is probably why it is permeated by dreamy and unhurried immersion in events that I would like to experience again and again. The album contains ten songs in the summer mood, and with the release of the album a new single has been released. The group’s soloist Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis talks about it: “” A couple would not take a photo “is probably the most summery song of all time” Sudden Lights “. It is about the sparking interaction of two people and the moments that in an age when almost every step of the Internet comes to us, we would like to leave them not in our devices, but in our memories. ”

It must be admitted that Sudden Lights knows how to present itself – this was evident both at the event at the cinema, where the main emphasis was on the screening of a short film about the new album, the thoughtful policy of publishing singles, and the creation of albums and concerts. It will be possible to listen to the new program in full on the group’s concert tour “Billion Summer”, which will take place on September 17 in Jelgava, “Black Hat Ballerina”, on September 23 in the concert hall “Valmiera”, on September 24 in Liepaja, culture house “Wiktorija”. Riga, “Hanseatic platform”, October 8.

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