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Successful actors who made the leap from TV to the big screen

Not many years ago, there was a certain rivalry between film and television. The appearance of the so-called silly box made more than one nervous, and as happens today with streaming, at that time it was thought that cinema would disappear. However, nothing is further from reality, cinema is a social event, a leisure plan and a way of understanding art that has no rival. The seventh art, As a result of the complex due to the wonderful mass reception of television, it denigrated television productions as minor works. Until HBO arrived with the Sopranos, The wire and company that showed that good fiction could be done on the small screen. Today the great figures of cinema walk between both worlds, but a while ago, some figures managed to stand out first on television, making the leap from TV to the big screen.

Will Smith

Together with George Clooney, he is one of the most recognizable cases by all. The Prince of Bel Air was Will Smith in 100% of his essence. With the character that bore his same name, the actor achieved stratospheric audience levels both in America and in his premiere between our borders, where Antenna Three repeated his episodes ad nauseam. After that, Smith filled theaters with box office phenomena like Men in Black, Two Rebel Cops O Independence day.

Olivia Wilde

Before being a promising director and creditworthy actress, Olivia Wilde was part of the medical team at Doctor House. He was not part of the first cast members, but was a signing for the new hospital team in which the doctor Sherlock Holmes played by Hugh Laurie worked. In the series, Wilde was thirteen a skilled and capable doctor who received the interest of House, because she was the only one who contradicted him. Recently the actress is positioning herself as an interesting director to consider in the future.

Ana de Armas

This half Cuban, half Spanish actress is the most recent case among the successful actors who have made the leap from TV to the big screen. Ana de Armas began in a series, but not in an American one, but in The intership. Now it appears in productions of the stature of Blade runner 2049, steals the spotlight from Daniel Craig in Daggers in the back, and surely the heart in No time to die.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was a Disney kid. Although what most draws the attention of his television beginnings was being a young Hercules on TV. See the budget differences from the puppets he faced as the son of Zeus to the replicants in the continuation of Blade Runner it is at least fun.

James Franco

Before being a pimp in Spring breakers or being the best friend of our friend and neighbor Spiderman, James Franco had to go through high school and then make the leap from TV to the big screen. Specifically for the show Freaks and Geeks. This series where Judd Apatow made his beginnings directing and writing some chapters of the show that was also the harvest of great successful actors on the big screen: Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel or the director of game night, John Francis Daley.

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