“Sturm der Liebe” star Liza Tzschirner: convinced single: “I’m not looking”

Liza Tzschirner was sad that she couldn’t hug anyone

“Before the start of shooting, we were tested on Corona, fever is regularly measured on the set, there are disinfectants in every room and of course you must not hug anyone. That was very terrible for me, because I constantly touch people and I also those I have had for a long time know, could not take it in my arms, “admits Liza,” you are also solely responsible for making the shoot. Thank goodness I have luck with my hair, because I did not have to put it over the hot rollers like many of the other girls Coaching and the rehearsals are of course also done with a mask. The most common sentence on the set is ‘Huh?’ Because you don’t understand each other properly. “

When Mona Seefried (Charlotte Saalfeld) was still shooting at “Sturm der Liebe”, the world was still in order. In the video below, we show you what she looks like two years after she left:

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Liza Tzschirner brought a breath of fresh air to “Sturm der Liebe”

Nevertheless, the lively Bonn woman had a lot of fun shooting and caused a lot of fresh wind with her cheerful, charming manner on the set. “Christian and I have always been particularly loud and energetic,” she laughs. Only the missing love scenes were strange for the 32-year-old. “Of course, the ‘Sturm’ tells a lot of stories about love and friendship, the dramaturgy had to adapt a few scenes. For example, we did not address each other in the scenes and were not allowed to touch each other. That was missing,” she explains .

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Liza Tzschirner is happier single and turns on the “dream ship”

Even privately, there are currently no stormy expressions of love at Liza, let alone a dream man standing on the mat, who could sweeten her life a bit in Corona times. “I’ve been quite happy as a single for a while and I’m not looking for it either. Freedom is something very fine,” she says, making it clear that she isn’t the dating type anyway. She belongs to the type of person who would get to know a man through working together or through a common hobby or passion. This is exactly why dating apps are never suitable for you. “I find dating apps very terrible. Of course anyone can do it as they like, but it’s not my world at all. If it’s clear from the start, we’ll meet to find out whether we’re going to make out or something will come of it for me that immediately gives me the oxygen from the romance, “she describes her attitude to it,” anyway, I think that you should only leave a relationship if you can’t be happy on your own. You shouldn’t look for someone to fill your blanks . That’s not a good idea.”

In addition, there is little space for a private life at the moment, because Liza Tzschirner has the great luxury of being busy filming until autumn. In addition to “In all friendship“and” The Ranger “do it in June with the “Dream Ship: Seychelles” continue. There she plays an episode leading role as a yoga teacher and of course everything is about love again.

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“Storm of Love” star Florian Frowein (32) is currently all about love. He has recently had a new girlfriend. You can find out who that is in the video below:

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