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Study Finds Post-Epidemic Reaction of New Crown Related to Blood Clots

A British study found that the post-epidemic reaction of the new crown may be related to blood clots. (Picture / flip from pixabay)

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has slowed down globally, but many people have experienced it more than twice, and they will feel tired every time they recover, and even forget things and forget things. Now a study in the UK found that, Such confirmed recovery conditions may be related to blood clots in the brain or lungs.

The British media “BBC” reported that the University of Oxford and the University of Leicester conducted a survey of 1,837 hospitalized patients with new coronary pneumonia and found that the protein in their blood proved to have blood clots, and 16% of the patients had problems with memory, concentration, and thoughts. Clear and other difficulties, such a new crown situation, the observation may last for half a year. But the team stressed that their samples were only hospitalized patients, relatively severe cases after diagnosis.

The results of this study were also published in the academic journal “Nature Medicine”. Max Taquet, a researcher at the University of Oxford, attributed one of the causes of brain fog to fibrinogen, D- Dimer believes that two blood proteins bring about the process of blood coagulation, so he believes that thrombus is the cause of the sequelae of the new crown.

Tarquet also said, “Fibrin may act directly on the brain and its blood vessels, while D-dimer usually reflects blood clots in the lungs, and problems in the brain may be caused by hypoxia.”

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