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STU48 1st album of CD store unique bonus picture members determined!



STU48 1st album of CD store unique bonus picture members determined!

STU48 1stdeskCDThe unique bonus design members of the store have been determined!

CDStore unique advantages
STU48 1st
Album “Nostalgic Tomorrow”TsixSort Bany of1a bitThose that store on the shops beneath will obtain a bonus picture on a first-come, first-served foundation. The variety of advantages is restricted. It should finish as quickly because it runs out, so please reserve and purchase as quickly as doable!
For questions relating to the supply of advantages, please contact the shop immediately.
AdditionallySTU48 Official retailer in AKihABARAOn the Avid gamers flagship retailer, we’ll be gifting away a “Nostalgic Tomorrow” announcement poster on a first-come, first-served foundation.
Please take a look at every sale web page beneath!

[Stòr cuairteachaidh dhealbhan amh bònas tùsail]
TOWER REGISTERAll sources(together with on-line/Excluding some shops) Chiho Ishida/Nakamura dance
HMVAll sources(together with on-line/Excluding some sources) Sayaka Takao/Kiyoka Harada
TSUTAYA data (Excluding some sources)/Kurujima Yuka · Yoshida Ayara
Futaba booksTSUTAYAIt turns into a sample.
Yodobashi Digital camera Yodobashi.com(Besides some sources)Serika Ozaki, Riko Kudo, Kiyoka Harada
Egan CDDVDRetailers accessible/On-line store edionYuraku Ikeda, Aiko Kojima, Ayaka Yoshida
Joshidisc piece(Joshin internetstore included)  Serika Ozaki/Soka Shinano
The Kingdom of GuruguruAiko Kojima, Riko Kudo, Sayaka Takao
amazon.co.jp  Chiho Ishida/Sayaka Takao
Rakuten Books  Shinano Soraka/Nakamura dance
seven internet purchases Azumi Okada, Rio Okamura, Yuka Kurushima, Nozomi Zhuge
Mingwu Bookstore Hyodo Visitor/Akari Fukuda
STU48Official retailerChiho Ishida/Hiodo Visitor/Akari Fukuda
e-SHOP KING Azumi Okada/Nakamura dance
Frequent design for sellersAzumi Okada/Akari Fukuda

Click on right here for goal shops

STU48On the official retailer, along with the image above, you can even discover a tin badge and a transparent postcard.


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