Strong Van de Zandschulp continues steaming after a false start at Wimbledon | Tennis

sport">The 26-year-old Dutchman was looking for revenge against Ruusuvuori. A few weeks ago, the 23-year-old number 49 in the world was still the boss at the Rosmalen tournament. Van de Zandschulp then still won the first set, but then went down hard.

sport">Van de Zandschulp had a false start. The Finn soon broke him and ran out to a 4-1 lead. The Dutchman then kept his service games, but was unable to break his opponent back and so the first set went to Ruusuvuori: 6-3.

roles reversed

sport">At the start of the second act, the roles were exactly reversed and it was Van de Zandschulp who managed to force an early break. With an excellent game, he even reached a double break: 5-0. The set was played well by BvdZ: 6-1.

Botic van de Zandschulp had a false start, but then played excellent.

Botic van de Zandschulp had a false start, but then played excellent.

sport">Right at the start he did what he did earlier at the start of the second set: break the Fin. Van de Zandschulp continued to serve excellently and produce love games. At 5-4, Van de Zandschulp first got three set points, but only hit the mark in the fourth: 6-4.

In control

sport">Van de Zandschulp kept to the earlier tradition of the previous two sets and immediately got another breaking point on Ruusuvuori’s service, but was unable to use it. A service game later from the Finn, BvdZ put a lot of pressure on it to get another two break points. In the second it was hit: 2-1 and at that moment he was firmly in control.

sport">The Dutchman continued with striking blows and almost forced a double break in the fourth set, but the Finn fought for his last chance and at 3-2 he suddenly got a chance for a rebreak. However, BvdZ straightened out and won the game after all, although he played less solid than in set 2 and 3. At 5-4 he served for the match and he did not let that chance be taken away: 6-4 and therefore hands in the air for the Dutchman.

sport">View the match point used below:

sport">Bron: discovery+

Fourth round may be waiting for Nadal, first Gasquet

sport">On Saturday, Van de Zandschulp will face Richard Gasquet (36) from France in the last 32. He defeated American Mackenzie McDonald, his doubles partner at Wimbledon. The Frenchman managed to reach the semi-finals at Wimbledon twice: in 2007 and 2015. In the fourth round, a duel with 22-time grand slam champion Rafael Nadal awaits.

sport">In addition to Van de Zandschulp, Tim van Rijthoven also qualified for the third round on Wednesday evening. He defeated American giant Reilly Opelka in four sets. Two Dutchmen in the third round at Wimbledon, an unprecedented luxury for tennis-loving Netherlands.

Reaction Van de Zandschulp

sport">Van de Zandschulp notices that he is getting better at playing tennis on grass. Where he lost to Emil Ruusuvuori in Rosmalen, he was superior to the Finn in the second round of Wimbledon.

sport">“I now play a bit more forward than at the beginning of the grass season. But I have to say that I found the transition from gravel to grass difficult,” confessed Van de Zandschulp (26), who made it to the third round at Roland Garros. He lost in Paris to Rafael Nadal.

sport">“If I had made it to the second week at Roland Garros, I would probably have canceled Rosmalen. Now it was on the brink. You don’t just cancel a tournament in your own country.”

sport">Against Ruusuvuori, Van de Zandschulp had a mediocre first set on track 18 on Thursday, followed by three good sets. “I wasn’t quite there in the first set and I was moving very badly. Maybe I wasn’t used to playing so early anymore. I really had to kind of turn myself on,” said the number 25 in the world.

sport">“I was a bit lazy in the beginning and had start-up problems. Things got better from the second set. I played with more pressure after the first set and that put a lot more pressure on him. I like to win three sets because if you lose the first you still have plenty of time to make it up.”

sport">For the third time this year, Van de Zandschulp reached the third round in a grand slam. “I show a very consistent level throughout the year and I want to continue that. Of course I hope to get even further here”, said Van de Zandschulp.

sport">Later on Thursday, the Dutchman still has to double, but that may be the last time. “I have decided from now on not to double in the grand slam tournaments,” said the Dutchman, who wants to save his strength for singles. “Luckily I have a day off on Friday.”

sport">After a day of rest, Richard Gasquet will be his opponent on Saturday. A duel with Rafael Nadal beckons, although Nadal has yet to play his second round. “Grass is the best surface to hit him. I’d rather play against him if I progress, yes. Although that might be different if there were to be played for points.”

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