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STORY of twins swapped at birth, revealed 19 years later after DNA test

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KUALA LUMPUR – The story of babies being switched at birth is the talk of the town Malaysia. A pair of twin girls, Adrian Iwani and Adryana Iwani, who is now 19 years old, just found out they are not twins. They’re not even of the same blood.

How come? It turned out that they were mixed up due to the negligence of the staff of a hospital in Kota Baru, where they were born with another woman.

For 19 years, Adryani Iwani and Adryana Iwani grew up as non-identical twins. They didn’t realize, the sibling of one of them, who later became known as Name Noratirah, turned out to live elsewhere and was raised by another family,

Their biological bond was discovered through DNA tests carried out in September last year.

This story was revealed when Adryani Iwani attended a motivational camp while still in Form Four.

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“In the camp, I met students from other schools who said that I resembled their friends, Noratirah. I then asked for a photo Noratirah and they share Instagram account Noratirah to me, ”said Adriyani.

According to him, he told his twin sister, Adriyana, about it. “He agreed that Noratirah and I look the same,” said Adriyani.

But apparently her mother refused this information, when Adriyani told her.

“So, I let this matter go and assumed that our faces did look alike,” he told the news agency Malaysia, Named.

However, as fate would have it, Adryani Iwani and Noratirah met face-to-face for the first time during the ‘Let’s Enter U’ Carnival held at a supermarket in Kota Baru in March 2019.

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