Stockholm Syndrome: Understanding the Psychological Condition and Its Role in the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire – X’s social media (formerly Twitter) is filled with terms stockholm syndromerelated to the ceasefire period between Hamas and Israel in Gaza.

At the time of the ceasefire, Hamas and Israel each released prisoners to be returned to their respective families.

Many X accounts stated that Hamas prisoners, most of whom were Israeli citizens, were seen to have happy faces and waved and took photos with Hamas troops.

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Several netizens said that Hamas prisoners were suffering stockholm syndrome.

Confirmed Israelis have Stockholm syndrome. A hostage waves and greets Palestinians as they cheer and applaud (Israeli citizen confirmed to suffer from Stockholm syndrome. A hostage waves and greets Palestinians while cheering and clapping),” wrote the account @YungravenCEOSaturday (25/11/2023).

Stockholm syndrome is obvious when your prisoner alqassam trooper (Stockholm syndrome is clearly visible when your prisoner is an alqassam soldier (Hamas military wing)),” wrote @dr_rahashSunday (26/11/2023).

Stockholm syndrome at it finest (Stockholm syndrome at its best),” type @rk_uaeSunday (26/11/2023).

In a video, a Hamas soldier and a female prisoner can be seen saying goodbye to each other.

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So, what is it? stockholm syndrome?

Mengenal stockholm syndrome

‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta University psychology lecturer Ratna Yunita Setiyani Subardjo confirmed that the video circulating on social media was stockholm syndrome or Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome “Indeed, there is a psychological disorder in victims of kidnapping, hostage-taking or prisoners of war,” Ratna told Kompas.comTuesday (28/11/2023).

Ratna said that this syndrome exists because positive feelings arise such as joy and comfort while being a prisoner or kidnap victim.

“The victims did not expect that the perpetrator would humanize them and behave politely,” he said.

“In most people’s imagination, kidnapping victims, especially prisoners of war, will be treated inhumanely and in cruel ways until ultimately traumatized,” he added.

Stockholm syndrome can occur due to various factors. From these various factors, positive feelings can make prisoners “like” or “fall in love”.

So according to him, an emotional closeness will arise between the two, the perpetrator and the prisoner can help each other in limited circumstances.

“Even when you are sent home or released, it will be hard to leave the perpetrator, and you will want to make memories together, such as asking for photos together,” he explained.

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Ratna believes that Stockholm syndrome is also a form coping mechanism or an effort that a person makes when under pressure or stress to overcome pressure, protect themselves and survive.

Stockholm syndrome “This arises because kidnapping victims want to have a chance to survive or have more time to enjoy life,” said Ratna.

According to him, coping mechanism This can happen consciously or unconsciously.

“For a long time, they have to enjoy the existing conditions. “On the other hand, they were treated well by the perpetrators,” he said.

So, the prisoner does not fight or refuse to interact with the perpetrator.

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Origin of the term stockholm syndrome

As the name suggests, the term syndrome emerged from a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973.

At that time, many employees were taken prisoner by robbers. The captives then sympathized with the robbers who had captured them.

Even after their release, the bank employees refused to testify in court and instead collected money to defend the robbers.

“Swedish criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot named it Stockholm syndrome,” explained Ratna.

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