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Stir of Dawn, el DLC de Blasphemous, ya disponible gratis en PS4, Xbox One, Switch y PC

The game developed by the Spanish studio The Game Kitchen adds a free DLC with new missions, bosses and dubbing into Spanish.

Announced a few days ago almost by surprise, it is now available Blasphemous Stir of Dawn, a totally free DLC that includes new content for Blasphemous, one of the best video games developed in Spain In recent years, the Andalusian studio The Game Kitchen factory.

The DLC can be downloaded for free in the game versions for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC, in a pleasant surprise proposal from the hands of Team 17 and The Game Kitchen. Among the main additions to this stylish platform game metroidvania and set in a dark Easter, the Spanish dubbing of the adventure is added, one of the most criticized aspects when the original version arrived, which did it with the voices in English, although subtitled.

Also, Stir of Dawn Unlock a new branch of history, in which players will have to travel to defeat the five Amanecidos. It also offers new elements and executions, as well as new areas and a revamped map system.

Stir of Dawn includes Spanish dubbing, Nueva Partida + and new skillsAnother interesting addition to the DLC is New Game +: True Torment, which allows you to start a new game from scratch with all abilities unlocked. From The Game Kitchen they assure that they have adjusted the difficulty in this section so that the enemies are harder and more deadly. In the mode True TormentPlayers will see an altar where the challenge can be increased with the penance system, which will force them to play in different ways, obtaining permanent rewards for completing them. They are three:

The Bleeding Heart Penance, which pays homage to the eight-bit classics and the energy bar is replaced by heart orbs, losing one with each impact and with enemy respawn in areas. The Penance of firm faith, which weakens normal attacks, but constantly regenerates fervor, forcing skills and prayers to be used as primary weapons. And finally, the Penance of true guilt, which promises to be only for demanding players. When we die, we will lose all the fragments of guilt and tears of amendment.

An elaborate DLC and also free to complement one of the best rated Spanish games in history.

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