Stijn from ‘Kamp Waes’ trains a new batch of recruits at S …

In Bootcamp Stijn Swijns challenges different duos to tough duels.

Photo: luc daelemans

Stijn Swijns (32), the former Special Forces member Camp Waes, is making a comeback on television. He will appear on Thursday Bootcamp, a new Flemish production on Streamz.

The concept is somewhat reminiscent of Camp Waes, but the VRT is not involved in this production. So don’t expect Tom Waes to show up everywhere to talk to the candidates. Bootcamp consists of ten episodes, in which six befriended duos take on major sporting challenges. These are unknown Flemish people who are very good at a certain sports discipline.

The tough challenges to which they are subjected by Stijn Swijns are not the least. Think of water tests at Fort Napoleon in Ostend, a difficult 105 km bike ride to the Koppenberg in Oudenaarde and a Ninja Warrior course. The participants are put to the test both physically and psychologically. From time to time emotions run high. But the duos will all go to great lengths to crown themselves the winner of Bootcamp. In Camp Waes the candidates were together day and night for a week. Now it concerns separate challenges, the story of which can be seen in condensed episodes of twenty minutes.

No show business career

The recordings were a piece of cake for Swijns, who lives in Beringen. Searching and pushing boundaries, it is something he is extremely skilled at. Professionally, he could be dropped ten months a year in the most dangerous war zones at the time. But that period is now a closed chapter. At the beginning of this year, Stijn, father of two young children, founded MissionMe, a company with which he takes care of employees who want to work on their leadership and strategic skills.

In January, Swijns stated that his television adventure was a one-time trip. “For once I wanted to do it, to show that working for Defense can be something unique. But I never aspired to a career in show business. From a super-discreet person to a public figure, that step was quite big for me. ” Still, he makes up for it Bootcamp so one more exception. In fact, a second season is already in the works.

Bootcamp, from 1/10 on Streamz


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