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Stefanos Kasselakis: “Find me an opponent and let’s go!” – 2024-02-23 22:42:25

The president of SYRIZA gave an answer to the bombshell statement of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Stefanos Kasselakis in his speech today at the start of the work of the extraordinary Congress of SYRIZA-PS, challenging anyone who wants to stand in front of him, even saying the characteristic phrase “Find me an opponent and let’s go”! It is noted that during the speech of Stefanos Kasselakis it became known that the Dionysis Teboneras intends to contest the party’s internal party elections.

“If I can be accused of anything, and I accept it, it’s that I’m in a hurry. But I’m in a hurry because life can’t wait.” said Stefanos Kasselakis, when he began to give his answer to the rapid developments triggered a few hours ago by Tsipras’s statement that openly questions him.

“Those who believed that I was planted in the leadership of SYRIZA, will now see my own roots. I appeal to my roots: To the members and the world of SYRIZA. With a complete road map for the re-election, re-establishment and re-establishment of SYRIZA as a ruling faction. As the only answer to a rotten, corrupt and convoluted political system. No one is holding me back. Only the world. The people who stood in the queues. And he will stand again, to have a voice and hope. I am here. I am standing. I’m ready. Let’s finish with the small ones in order to face the big ones, Mitsotakis’ Right”, said Stefanos Kasselakis.

The president of SYRIZA asked for time and unity. As he specifically said, “I need time. We need time. Time and SIMILARITY. Time to overcome the collective sadness of the crash of 2023. Time to resurrect a decadent, dysfunctional, bureaucratic, ineffective party,” and continued: I am not becoming President under a deadline, and I already stated that on Tuesday. I will be judged – and very harshly – in the first national elections”.

In fact, he was particularly sharp in relation to Alexis Tsipras, speaking again of the “three-legged” he received and that if people voted for persons and not parties, then his electoral influence would not have fallen from 32% to 18%.

“Citizens vote for parties led by individuals, not individuals under the leadership of their party. If it were different, Alexis Tsipras would still be at 32%, not 18%. And he would be here now, in the position from which I am speaking to you.”

The big challenges are in focus

Stefanos Kasselakis spoke of an immediate “counter-attack” that needs to be done immediately as the citizens of Europe face various risks. “We are here for the reconstruction of Greece and Europe.
We are here to signal the progressive counterattack.
Not once. NOW. We are the force that wants and can implement the great democratic change that Greece needs”, said Stefanos Kasselakis.

In his speech, in addition to the danger of the increase in the influence of the extreme right, the president of SYRIZA spoke about the housing crisis, the nutritional sufficiency that is at risk, the climate and energy crisis, but also the militarization of international relations that it leads to, such as he said in “nationalism, hatred, racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, fake news, relativization and distortion of reality and truth gaining ground”.

“The real enemy of the peoples of Europe is the methodical direction of the anger of the working people, the people who have not, towards the extreme right. The goal of those who do this is to leave intact the hard core of neoliberalism that attempts to masquerade as a centrist force. In other words, what Mr. Mitsotakis is doing in Greece,” he said, among other things, talking about the danger of the rise of the extreme right in the European elections.

St. Kasselakis: “Which Europe do we want?”

A large part of Stefanos Kasselakis’ speech moved against the background of the European elections, harshly criticizing the functioning of the Union.

“I want us to see what progressive counterattack means in Europe and what our position is. Which Europe do we want? Anti-social Europe or Europe with a social face? We are with society.
Do we want dependent Europe or autonomous Europe? We are with the self-sufficiency of Europe. Are we with the Europe that the few decide in closed rooms or with the democratic Europe? We are clearly with Democratic Europe and for this we will achieve a great result in the European elections and for this we will send our best MEPs to fight”, he said among other things.

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