Stefan Yanev explained about the photo with Mitrofanova, the goal was ….

The photo of Stefan Yanev with the Ambassador of Russia Eleonora Mitrofanova has been published in public because it is necessary to create a “new mythology” around the former caretaker Prime Minister and his party “Bulgarian Rise”. This was stated by Yanev himself to Bulgaria ON AIR.

“I do not want to comment on what this mythology is and what the subtext of the photo is, but as Prime Minister I have met not only with Ambassador Mitrofanova, but also with other ambassadors – both from the EU and non-EU countries.

This is part of the normal diplomatic dialogue that is taking place in the Prime Minister’s office, “said the leader of” Bulgarian Rise “and explained that the meeting was about the summer tourist season.

The enviable prognostic results of his party, according to which it would enter the next parliament in today’s elections, are due to Yanev’s work as caretaker prime minister, it became clear from his words.

“I attribute the results to people’s opinions about my work as caretaker prime minister over the past year and the fact that all this time my team and I have tried not to promise much, but what we promise – to fulfill it,” Yanev said.

According to him, “Bulgarian Rise” is an autonomous party and is not associated with any personalities. Yanev categorically denied that she was connected with President Rumen Radev.

“Let all people who claim this thing support it with arguments, because when there are no arguments and confirmation of these statements – it becomes mythology. It is an independent subject, I have explained it before, I do not want to speculate with this myth, because this myth leads to a statement that I do not think is pleasant, “Yanev added.

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