Steelseries Announces Arctis Nova Pro Wireless With Active Noise Canceling – Gaming – News

Steelseries announces the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and the Arctis Nova Pro. The wireless version is equipped with active noise canceling and a transparency mode, among other things. The wireless game headset costs 380 euros. The wired version costs 100 euros less.

Steelseries announces the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Windows, Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, smartphones and macOS. Separate versions of both the wired and wireless headset are available for support on Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One.

The two headsets support spatial audio, a functionality that we have already seen in headsets from the manufacturer. The Arctis Nova Pro comes with a hub that allows you to adjust the volume, as well as switch between different systems. For example, if the headset is used on both a PC and a console.

Besides the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless being wireless, this more expensive version of the headset also has some unique features. This version of the headset has active noise canceling and also a transparency mode. This allows the user to still hear his surroundings while gaming.

The wireless version is battery powered and comes with a second battery, which can be changed during use without the headset failing. For this, the battery must be changed within eight seconds, Steelseries writes.

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