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Swedish developer Fatshark’s original team “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide” latest work, after the pre-order pre-order experience and the official launch on December 1, updated the number of online players of the previous “Plague 2 ” on Steam , but the game has also been criticized for optimization issues and the current popularity of Steam has reached 67%.

According to Steamchart data records, “Kuroshio” reached a peak number of 107,450 online players on Steam on the day it launched on December 1, surpassingVermintide 2 is free for a limited time in NovemberCreated by 104,134 records, there were more than 1,000,000 players claim the game


Of course, among the L4D2 corpse shooting games in recent years, the popularity of “Black Tide” players on Steam can be said to be stronger than that of “Blood Revenge” (Back 4 Blood), “Alien: Fireteam” (Alien: Elite Squad) and other works.

However, after the launch of “Kuroshio”, it was also criticized for issues such as slow access and reading, dropped frames in battle, crashes, and game flashbacks.Confession fix updateRTX 3000 series graphics card settings have a buggy issue and ray tracing has also become the main cause of gamers dropping frames or crashing. Currently, players are advised to temporarily disable the ray tracing feature and wait for the issue to be resolved.


However, even with the optimization problem, the performance of the game content of “Kuroshio” itself is still very good, the map design is extremely detailed, and it has low-repetition task design, as well as four unique occupationsgrab each other’s bulletsIt has become a very interesting and playable co-op zombie shooting game choice.

The four-player survival shooter “Warhammer 40K: Kuroshio” was launched on December 1st. Players who have not yet entered the pit can refer to the game rating on this site:The four-professional cooperation dream of “Kuroshio” returns to L4D2, and the bullets on the ground must be divided into three or seven

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