stc installment terms and method of purchasing a mobile phone in installments

What are the installment terms? stc How to buy a mobile phone in installments? This is what we will learn about in detail in the following lines, as the matter of obtaining a mobile phone in installments is considered an encouraging matter and has many advantages, as the Saudi Telecom Company announced that its customers can purchase the phone in installments.

Installment terms stc

Through the following, we learn about all installment terms stc In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in detail:

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  • All data and information related to the user must be completely recorded through customer service.
  • There must be something to ensure that the citizen is committed to paying the price of the phone in installments on specific dates.
  • You must agree to all terms and conditions of the service.
  • Any consequences imposed by the company must be borne if the user wishes to cancel the service.
  • An additional amount is added to the basic price of the phone in exchange for the installment service provided by the company, and this value varies depending on the type and price of the phone.

What is the method of purchasing a mobile phone in installments? In Saudi Arabia

In the context of getting to know All installment terms stcThrough the following, we learn about How to buy a mobile phone in installments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In detail:

  • Log directly to the official website of the Saudi Telecom Company STCfrom here“.

  • Click on mystc Create a new account or register login information if there is already an account.
  • After registering the new account, choose its type, whether it is a personal account for individuals or an account for companies.
  • After completing the registration of all the data, which is name, age, and place of residence, in addition to the rest of the personal information, select the installment system.
  • Select the payment method that suits you.
  • Determine the best installment package from the offers available to you.
  • Specify the type of phone you want to get in installments, along with the color, brand, and model accurately.
  • Then confirm your reservation to obtain the phone through the company.
  • The request will then be reviewed and a date will be determined for the company to receive the phone or to receive the agreed-upon amount to purchase it.

Monthly installment payments program for smart devices stc

We learn through the following Monthly installment payments program for smart devices stc In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in detail:

  • Monthly payments: The company gives a sum of money to the citizen so that he buys the phone, and then he pays the amount through any installment systems, whether the 50 system, the 150 system, or the 200 system. Here the customer gets an amount that varies according to his payment period, as increasing the number of months means Increasing the amount the customer will receive.
  • Postpaid line system: The customer can purchase the phone directly through the types of mobile phones available through the company’s store STC With a postpaid system from 2 to 5, then the installment value starts from 25 Saudi riyals per month, and the system works to give the value of the advance to the customer so that he can receive the phone, and that value is also added to the installments.

It is worth noting that the famous Saudi Telecom Company STC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the possibility of purchasing a phone in installments according to a set of specific conditions.

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