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Starlite Businesswoman Sandra García-Sanjuán to Bring ‘City of Music’ Project to Estepona, Creating 450 Permanent Jobs

Businesswoman Sandra García-Sanjuán will bring the magic of Starlite to Estepona with an ambitious project like ‘Disney of Music’, which will offer a top-level line-up with national and international artists and leisure activities permanently throughout the year. .

The ‘City of Music’ project has been in the making for more than five years, and which the entrepreneur describes as “a natural growth of Starlite Occident”, which is the festival that saw the birth of the Nagüeles de Marbella quarry 12 years ago, which “ It started with a duration of 15 days and is now at 3 months,” and through which “two million people have passed.”

“There comes a time to take it to another dimension,” said García-Sanjuán, highlighting that “we needed to expand and the way to grow has been by creating this very close and everything feeds back,” ensuring that the permanence of the Marbella festival is not in danger: “Not at all, it reinforces and strengthens it when an area becomes a musical destination, because it has assets and an interesting tourist attraction.”

The ‘City of Music’ is thus projected under a concept focused on this art, but which also encompasses hotels, gastronomy, congressional events, audiovisual production and training. “This is going to become a Disney, with which we have many common denominators, to start the magic. The only difference is that instead of having cartoons as an attraction, what we are going to have is music,” he highlighted regarding this “universal language” that generates emotions, above “generations or social classes.”

“It is taking music to all dimensions and it is the DNA of Starlite. We always do very experiential festivals and it has a lot to do with the generation of content, with audiovisuals and different types of very eclectic music,” he said. The idea is to keep the site permanent and throughout the year, “making a lot of effort to bring tourists and deseasonalize it as much as possible.” The initiative will be aimed at “young people of all ages who have a desire to live, to enjoy, to have fun, to share and who are very familiar.”

Another leg of the project is the ‘Audiovisual City’, focused on the creation of “content and audiovisual production.” “We are going to a much larger level, where we are going to have recording and television studios, training and a part of the campus so that people can prepare themselves in sound, music, photography or in very specific subjects so that they can have an outlet and a job opportunity in these areas, and also for students to come from many parts of the world,” he added.

There are several reasons that have led Starlite to set its eyes on Estepona, where it has purchased some land whose location García-Sanjuán did not want to reveal, as well as its investment; But it is a city in which the administration has found a space with “access and facilities”, to which is added the proximity to the Marbella festival, which is “the origin of everything”.

Unlike the Marbella festival, Estepona’s ‘City of Music’ is planned as a permanent venue. “In the place where we are right now at Starlite Occident we can only be setting up and taking down, because it is a public space. With such large investments that we have to make every year, there comes a time when we needed to continue growing in something where it could be permanent,” said the businesswoman.

García-Sanjuán has assessed that the project “will help promote the Costa del Sol destination, as it has been doing throughout these 12 years” the Starlite Occident festival in Marbella, highlighting that according to a study by the consulting firm Pricewaterhouse “the economic impact that it has generated in the area throughout all these years has been 1,800 million euros.” Regarding jobs, he has stressed that “between direct and indirect, there are around 35,000.”

“There are figures, numbers and studies that show that an event of this magnitude greatly reactivates the economy, energizes the area and generates jobs,” indicated the businesswoman, who pointed out that “tourists are not only international, but also from Spain. Same thing, they come to spend one or two days here and stay in a hotel, the restaurants provide more services and then they go to the stores and buy,” which redounds and benefits the area.

The project will create 450 jobs throughout the year

The ‘City of Music’ project proposed by Starlite in Estepona foresees the creation throughout the year of “450 permanent jobs”, in addition to the temporary employment that can be generated during the busiest times such as summer, according to highlighted the businesswoman and founder of the international festival, Sandra García-Sanjuán.

The entrepreneur has highlighted the dimension of the new project, pointing out that at the Starlite Occdient festival in Marbella “1,000 people are hired in the summer” and there is a permanent staff of 40 throughout the year.

“This is a very ambitious project that at peak times will have more people, such as a cycle or a convention, and there you have to hire additional specific people. We want this to become like a resort, just like the hotels that are already open more throughout the year,” he noted regarding the vision of the ‘City of Music’, which will concentrate art, gastronomy, conferences or training.

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