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Sri Mulyani Announces Disbursement of THR for PNS Tomorrow 16 April 2022

Previously, the holiday allowance or THR for civil servants and the 13th salary for Lebaran 2022 were confirmed to be distributed to the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

The 2022 PNS THR will include the payment of a performance allowance (tukin) of 50 percent. This was conveyed directly by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“On April 13, 2022, I have signed a government regulation regarding the provision of THR and a 13th salary for all civil servants, TNI/Polri, regional ASN, retirees, pension recipients, and state officials,” Jokowi said, quoted Friday (15/4/2022). ).

“And an additional 50 percent performance allowance for ASN, active TNI/Polri who have performance allowances,” he continued.

Jokowi said the 2022 PNS THR and 13th salary were a form of appreciation for the contribution of central and regional officials in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is hoped that this bonus money will increase people’s purchasing power and help accelerate the national economic recovery.

So what is the amount of THR and Salaries for the 13 civil servants that will be disbursed this Eid 2022?

The basic salary of civil servants varies, depending on the type of group. If it refers to Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2019 concerning Civil Servant Salaries.

Here are the details:

Civil Servants Class I

He) IDR 1,560,800 to IDR 2,335,800

Ib) IDR 1,704,500 to IDR 2,472,900

Ic) IDR 1,776,600 to IDR 2,577,500

Id) IDR 1,851,800 to IDR 2,686,500

Civil Servants Class II

IIa) IDR 2,022,200 to IDR 3,373,600

IIb) IDR 2,208,400 to IDR 3,516,300

IIc) IDR 2,301,800 up to IDR 3,665,000

IId) IDR 2,399,200 up to IDR 3,820,000

IIIa) IDR 2,579,400 to IDR 4,236,400

IIIb) IDR 2,688,500 to IDR 4,415,600

IIIc) IDR 2,802,300 up to IDR 4,602,400

IIId) IDR 2,920,800 to IDR 4,797,000

PNS group IV

IVa) IDR 3,044,300 up to IDR 5 million

IVb) IDR 3,173,100 to IDR 5,211,500

IVc) IDR 3,307,300 up to IDR 5,431,900

IVd) IDR 3,447,200 to IDR 5,661,700

IVe) IDR 3,593,100 to IDR 5,901,200

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