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Spotify launches a new, simpler interface while driving

Last November, Spotify retired the “Car View” interface that offered a simpler service experience for all drivers. At the time, nothing was mentioned about a replacement, however, it is now starting to reach users.

As the service streaming confirms to TechCrunch, has recently started the testing process of the new “Car Mode”. As the name suggests, it is a simpler and more intuitive interface designed to be used in the car.

Car Mode is Spotify’s new simple and intuitive interface

For now, “Car Mode” appears to be being tested only on the Android version of Spotify. The company has not confirmed a similar initiative for iOS users, nor do we have evidence of its existence.

Users will be able to test this new interface if they have their Spotify app connected via Bluetooth to their car. In that case, you will be asked about your willingness to try the new “Car Mode”.

With this new interface, the Spotify app will be divided into three main tabs. Firstly, we have the Home tab, now more condensed, where you can easily find your suggestions and other pertinent information.

Secondly, we have the Search tab, which will obviously be used to find the songs you want to listen to. Additionally, a microphone button has been added to perform searches by voice commands.

Finally, we have the Library tab where you’ll find the songs you’ve listened to recently. In short, it doesn’t differ much from the regular version of the Spotify app.

The most important thing is when you are listening to your favorite music and here the Swedish service has also simplified its graphics a lot. In the new Spotify player, the play / pause, forward or rewind, shuffle, microphone and like button are present.

As already mentioned, this new graphic is still in the testing phase with some users. It will be from these that Spotify will gather the essential feedback to perfect the new “Car Mode”.

The final interface of this new driving mode may change according to user opinions. A timetable for its general availability has not yet been released.

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