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Spike in Dengue Fever Cases in Serang City: 69 Patients Treated at Regional Hospital

Serang (ANTARA) – A total of 69 residents of Serang City, Banten, were infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) and were treated at the Serang City Regional General Hospital (RSUD). Head of Services at Serang City Regional Hospital, Leni Suryani, in Serang, Friday, said that up to now 69 dengue fever patients have been treated at Serang City Regional Hospital. This number increased sharply compared to the same period last year.

“In December 2023 there were only 24 cases of dengue fever. Then it increased to 43 cases in January, and now it has reached 69 cases,” he said.

He said the spike in dengue cases was thought to be due to weather factors and a lack of public awareness in implementing clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS).

Leni admitted that the Serang City Regional Hospital continues to strive to provide the best service for dengue fever patients. However, with limited space and medical personnel, the public is advised to increase awareness and carry out dengue prevention independently.

He also reminded the public to apply the 3M Plus pattern to avoid dengue cases. 3M drains, closes and buries water reservoirs, and has the added benefit of cleaning the environment regularly.

“Use a mosquito net when sleeping, wear clothes that cover your body when doing outdoor activities, use anti-mosquito medication,” he said.

As for efforts that continue to be made to prevent an increase in dengue fever cases, the Serang City Health Office and Community Health Centers continue to carry out outreach about PHBS, especially in the environment.

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