Spengler Cup: a decimated HC Davos bowed 5-1 to Team Canada.

It was HC Davos affected by numerous injuries who appeared this evening against Team Canada. The difficult situation of HC Davos did not move Team Canada, which immediately took matters into their own hands by showing themselves dangerous from the first minutes of the match.

So it was only logical that the Maple Leaf team opened the scoring after less than three minutes of play by Andrew MacDonald with a powerful shot from the blue line. A few moments later, Justin Jeffrey found the mark in an unlikely angle to give the goal of the break to Team Canada.

In the second period, the Canadians, by Eric Fehr, were able to triple the bet following a duel won by Daniel Winnik behind the Davidian cage. This third success boosted the Canadian team, who scored two more goals with the inevitable Kevin Clark, a superb shot in the skylight, and defenseman Alex Grant.

Led 5-0 at the start of the final third, HC Davos had the merit of not giving up and was finally able to save the honor through Luca Hischier. With its second victory, Team Canada validates its ticket for the semi-finals. After these two brilliant victories, the Maple Leaf team is emerging as the tournament’s longest favorite.

HC Davos, meanwhile, still has a chance to save its tournament against TPS Turku in its quarter-final. However, he will have to find the moral and physical resources to erase his very difficult start to the tournament which saw him concede no less than 9 goals in two games.

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