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Who does not know the name of the current Cuphead game? With super complex hand drawings reminiscent of cartoons of yesteryear, it is also known as one of the most difficult action games of today. We’re talking about a game that demands concentration, precision of movement, and a bit of luck to finish. But as can be predicted, a difficult game like this also has a speedrunning community that is not difficult to complete in a super short time and makes it look easy. But what if this challenge is also combined with a physical challenge?

This is what Youtuber Gaming named EazySpeezy did. The challenge? He had to finish Cuphead as quickly as possible while climbing the mountain. The method? He asked his friend to carry a gaming notebook in front of him, with the controller connected. He of course had to divide his attention between seeing the tracks he passed or the games he had to finish. As can be predicted, this process is not easy, considering that at some points in the climb he ends up having to pay attention to the path he is taking and not play the Cuphead.

A speedrunner tries to finish Cuphead as quickly as possible while climbing a mountain.

This process is even more complicated considering that this is the first time EazySpeezy has climbed a mountain as well. This whole process turned out to take up to 8 hours with a process where the last three fights he ended up doing while resting at home due to technical problems.

There is no definite information whether this absurd challenge will be born as a new official category or not for Cuphead in the future. In comparison, Cuphead’s current world speedrun record touches just 28 minutes. How about you? Intention to combine sports and playing games?

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