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Spectacular viewing platform “Summit” opened – with glass elevator!

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Wow! Spectacular viewing platform opened in New York

A view with a thrill: The One Vanderbilt skyscraper in New York now has a spectacular viewing platform including a glass elevator – at a height of 369 meters! We show what a ride looks like …

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With this spectacular platform in the heart of Manhattan, the metropolis wants to celebrate the return of tourism to New York City this fall: Summit One Vanderbilt opened on October 21. And this attraction really has it all: One of the tallest buildings in the city in Midtown not only has a glass viewing platform and an art installation in which the city merges with the building – but also a glass elevator, the floor of which is completely transparent !

The 65,000 square meter Summit One Vanderbilt on the 59th floor of the skyscraper is distributed over four levels. The completely transparent glass boxes called “Levitation” ensure a thrill. They protrude from the building, so that visitors float almost 310 meters above Madison Avenue. This is the best way to watch the hectic hustle and bustle on the street from above.

In a glass case you float over the streets of the city.

One Vanderbilt: Elevator with a glass floor goes up to a height of 369 meters

If you want to go even higher, an all-glass elevator with a transparent glass floor takes you from the terrace to a height of over 364 meters – and thus to the highest vantage point in Midtown Manhattan. He is named “Ascent” and driving on the outside of the One Vanderbilt skyscraper.

Video: This is what an elevator ride looks like

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From there, too, visitors have a great view of the Empire State Building, the East River and even Central Park.

It gets really crazy in the walk-in work of art “Air”. Air is a walk-in art experience that plays with reflection. With every step through the room, it seems as if the visitors are defying physics. Because there the external environment merges with the room and then enlarges it seemingly infinitely.