Special weapon repels submarine saboteurs attack by Ukrainian Armed Forces

The radius of defeat under water is up to 200 meters, the enemy has no chance, claims an expert

Russian airborne troops used a special anti-sabotage weapon when they repelled an attack by Ukrainian fighters on the banks of the Kakhovka dam.

This was announced by the commander of the Airborne Forces unit of the Russian Federation, the world publications inform.

He calls the special weapon “a very useful thing” designed to destroy underwater saboteurs. The radius of defeat under water is up to 200 meters.

“The opponent has no chance. This weapon was used to repel the attack of the militants in the water,” the commander emphasizes.

Vladimir Saldo, acting governor of Kherson Oblast, says the banks of the Dnieper River and the Kakhovsky Reservoir are under constant surveillance by the Russian military. Their task is to prevent the opponent’s attempts to force.

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