Spanish Journalist Reveals Lionel Messi’s Possible Club Transfer Options

Last day, Argentine legend Lionel Messi left the French club Paris Saint-Germain. There were earlier reports that Messi, who spent two years at PSG, will leave the club at the end of this season. The star’s departure came after winning two Ligue 1 titles and a Super Cup for the Parisian club.

Fans are eager to know which club Messi will go to as a free agent after leaving PSG. There have been rumors of a return to the star’s old club Barcelona FC, but no official reports have yet emerged regarding Messi’s club transfer. Sepain’s leading sports journalist Gille Balag has come up with a response to the issue.

Balag reported that Messi does not see any possibility of returning to Barcelona and the player may accept an offer from Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal or MLS club Inter Miami. Balag’s response was through his official Twitter account.

“Lionel Messi had an offer from Inter Miami weeks ago. Although Miami offered a lower salary than the Saudi Arabian club, there is a complicated deal going on between the two groups.

These are the two main offers. The chances of a move to Barcelona F.C. are not seen here. If anyone wants to see Messi at Barca, understand that Barca cannot make such an offer or promise to Messi. However, expect a twist on Messi’s club transfer issue,’ Balague tweeted.

Meanwhile, Barcelona president Xavi Hernandez said earlier that they are waiting for Lionel Messi. Xavi said that he knows that Barcelona FC is ready to welcome Messi and that it is up to Messi to decide which club he wants to go to. Xavi shared these things while talking to Mundo Deportiva.

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“Messi will decide on his future club next week. He knows very well that we are ready to welcome him. Nothing has changed. We have opportunities. We need Messi here. Let him decide anyway. I am ready to include him with our system,’ Xavi said.

Jorge Messi, Messi’s father and agent, said earlier that Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, will announce the final decision on the club transfer issue only after the contract with PSG ends, and Messi’s goal is to win the League One title for the Parisian club this season.

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