SpamCop is not working, his domain has expired. This affects the functionality of the emails

The domain has expired for the SpamCop service, which has a significant impact on a large number of e-mail servers, including the Czech ones. SpamCop provides a blacklist for verifying IP addresses to determine if they are the basis for the spread of spam. SpamCop has already extended the domain and no longer expires, but it may still take some time to load in the case of DNS.

“Our server and millions of other e-mail servers around the world use to verify the legitimacy of e-mails received by the e-mail server. Authentication is performed via a DNS query. For example, if you want to verify the IP address, the email server will query the zone via DNS. If DNS returns that the record exists, it means that the blacklist registers this IP address as a source of spam, ” describes, for example, the domestic Gigaserver.

At the same time, Gigaserver turned off authentication via this blacklist on the e-mail server, and it will probably be similar for other players as well. “ has expired its domain, which has caused all blacklist queries to be evaluated positively. For this reason, mail on mail servers was also rejected. We’ve removed the spamlist from the configuration, ” informs, for example, Subreg.CZ.

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