Spain will propose third dose of anticovid vaccine to immunosuppressed

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Madrid (AFP)

Spain will offer an additional dose of the Covid vaccine to certain immunosuppressed people, but for the moment rules out the generalization of this measure, health authorities announced.

These are “people in a situation of severe immunosuppression, in whom there is a high risk of an inadequate immune response to the conventional vaccination schedule,” explained the Ministry of Health.

Among them are transplant patients and people receiving treatment for multiple sclerosis, anti-CD20 drugs, which appears to nullify the protection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, the country does not currently plan to offer an additional dose to most people.

The booster vaccines will preferably be of the messenger RNA type, and will be administered at least 28 days after the last injection or six months after the end of the anti-CD20 treatment, it is further specified.

With 77.7% of its population vaccinated, Spain is the vaccination leader among the most populated countries in Europe.

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