Sony will allow all services to be used on one account before the launch of the PS5

In the near future, Sony will enable the use of many services with only one account on the Japanese servers.

Sony is not slowing down. The corporation recently published material in which they showed PlayStation 5 from the inside, and yesterday revealed more details about backward compatibility, which will handle 99% of PlayStation 4 games. Today, the Japanese announced that they will allow their customers to use all services on one account, without forcing them to set up the so-called additional profiles, which we then link to our main account. Before entering the market of the next Sony gene, using a single identifier, we will use such services as:

PlayStation™ Network

  • PlayStation ™ Plus
  • PlayStation™Music
  • PlayStation™Video
  • PlayStation™Now

Sony Mobile

  • Xperia Lounge
  • Xperia Store
  • Xperia Care
  • My Support
    • My Account
    • Developer World

Sony Electronics

Sony Rewards

It is especially worth paying attention to Sony Rewards, offering various rewards for recipients with an active PS Plus subscription. This module had its own account system, so I am glad that this will change soon.

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