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Sony to Launch 108MP Sensor with Dual-Layer Technology for Mobile Devices

FacebookSony Alpha Rumors websiteAccording to sources, Sony seems to be preparing to launch a photosensitive element for mobile devices with a resolution of up to 108 million pixels and a size of 1/1.33 inches.

At present, most of the photosensitive elements with a specification of more than 100 million pixels are made by Samsung, and the specification has even been extended to 200 million pixels. Therefore, Samsung has also snatched many orders for photosensitive elements from Sony, and many mobile phone products have been sold in the near future. You can see the Samsung ISOCELL brand sensor.

And this time it is reported that Sony is also preparing to enter the competition of sensor products with over 100 million pixels. Obviously, it also hopes to maintain a higher market share of sensor applications in the mobile phone market, and strengthen its application layout of sensor components in smart vehicles and automation applications.

Judging from the news this time, Sony expects to launch a 108-megapixel photosensitive element called the IMX802, and adopts the double-layer transistor technology announced by Sony in 2021, in which the photodiode and the picture element are combined. The separation of plain transistors, through re-stacking, corresponds to 2 times the saturation signal amount, while reducing the noise generation ratio and improving the dynamic range performance, so as to have better image performance in night shooting and highly reflective environments.

According to the data, Sony’s sensor will support 9-in-1 pixel binning function, which means that it can shoot with 12 million pixels under normal circumstances, and can shoot with 108 million pixels for specific needs.

However, judging from the size of the photosensitive element which is only 1/1.33 inches, it is speculated that this photosensitive element is not locked in the flagship positioning product, and may be used in mid-level positioning mobile phone products, or even in computer vision, image recognition and other applications, and applied in Safety monitoring equipment, or intelligent vehicle design, and the image signal performance is improved by the double-layer transistor structure.

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