some contain pesticides! here’s what to do

Pesticides they are really a big problem for crops, which has always been talked about over time. By using these highly harmful substances, crop products can be altered, causing serious risks to human health. Especially we need to pay attention to pesticides in tomatoes.
Chemicals as well as pesticide pesticides are used to eliminate all those insects that damage the plant and their fruit.

Tomatoes unfortunately they are vegetables that contain many traces and residues of pesticides because they are part of that category of vegetables with a very thin skin.
Pesticides are substances that alter hormonal metabolism in humans and also cause problems with fertility, obesity, and cancer.
The residues we find in the tomatoes it is very small; for this reason, once ingested our vegetables do not immediately create the symptoms of intoxication, but in the long run you can contract the diseases we talked about previously.

Our loved ones tomatoes despite this they are subjected to strict controls, to ensure the health of human beings, however the problem is that many of our vegetables that we can easily find in supermarkets almost all come from non-European countries where controls are very low and therefore a greater risk for our health.
After realizing that you have to pay attention to the pesticides they use in moles tomatoes, let’s see how to protect our health from these risks.

The first fundamental step is to choose and purchase organic and controlled products.
Once we buy our tomatoes, we must carefully wash them with water and bicarbonate, leave them in water for 15-20 minutes, passing the hand gently, in order to eliminate all the bacteria present in it.
Pesticides remain longer in the tomato skinit is always advisable to eliminate it for the preparation of sauces and remove it as much as possible to put them in the salad.

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Furthermore, if you have the possibility of having a small garden, you can easily buy a bag of tomato seedsplant them and wait for the plant with its fruit to be born, so as to be sure that the product you eat is without pesticides and above all at zero kilometer.

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