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‘Somchai’ brings up 4 lessons on ‘minimum wage’

9 Dec. 2023 – Mr. Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, former Election Commission (EC), posted on Facebook about the minimum wage increase that Minimum wage lesson

minimum wage Up to a maximum of 370 baht in Phuket province alone. The rest is lower than that. What lessons are given?

1. Lessons from the people that campaigning on the issue of increasing wages It’s just like this. It is impossible. Because the wage increase has nothing to do with the government. But it is the power of the tripartite committee. that cannot be determined by the state

2. Lessons from political parties: Don’t create campaign policies. that you know not your power Even though you are the government and the Prime Minister, you cannot give orders. Later, don’t make this kind of policy.

3. The ECT’s lesson is that it must dare to challenge political parties that make policies that they know are not the responsibility of the government. It’s not what the party wrote. has no opinion on supervision Let it be a policy that is likely to deceive the people.

4. A lesson for workers: Do not give false hope to policies that you know are difficult to achieve, hoping that they will be able to do it.

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