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Solar panels and upcycling: the ledges are becoming eco-friendly

Upcycling should also play a role. This allows new skills to be learned that allow players to create new things from old items. So that everyone can participate, you can recruit your friends, the other To get Sims, if necessary also very pushy, to discover the new lifestyle for themselves as well. There are new common rooms for the Sims neighborhood and the opportunity to make democratic decisions about certain changes.

Sustainability is not a requirement

In an interview with The Verge said the Sims producer George Pigula, however, that sustainable action will not be forced on the players. If you want to live greener, you can use renewable energies, for example. If you want to build an industrial world, you can make money with fossil fuels. The new DLC is an opportunity to develop your own stories. If that means wrapping your Sims world in smog and creating garbage piles, you won’t be deterred. They tried to go from the ideal world to one with a little more “dirt“To go, says Pigula.

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