SNSD’s Yoona shared her feelings about working with Lee Jong Suk on “Big Mouth” and expressed hope to work together again in the future.

Although Big mouth Another intense noir series that received an overwhelming response. it will come to the conclusion of the story But aside from the intense story AND helping the characters to escape from all bad situations will be interesting to follow. The chemistry of the main actors Lee Jong Suk And SNSD Yoona It is also discussed and has also received a lot of attention.

press conference with open mouth

that after the series has finished broadcasting on the side of SNSD Yoona had the opportunity to interview the media about the feeling of working with Lee Jong Suk that she said

“Jong Suk hyung is a close friend of SNSD Hyoyeon hyung, so we’ve known each other since our debut, but this is the first time we’ve worked together. Probably because they knew each other before. During the shoot, I felt at ease. When they starred or staged together He already seems to know why so many people love actor Lee Jong Suk. It’s a bit of a shame that there aren’t many scenes together. “

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When asked about the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk And SNSD Yoona in this series she said “While filming with Jong Suk hyung, it was really weird and funny. He was an actor who conveyed his emotions very well and, as I said at the press conference, when I realized he was a very good actor. The fans had high expectations. of this couple’s chemistry, so I thought if my husband was Lee Jong Suk, it wouldn’t be bad. So I’m really grateful to everyone for appreciating our chemistry. “

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Although fans expected the couple to enter many romantic scenes, but with a heavy plot. so they rarely give both of them a chance to get into the scene much SNSD Yoona revealed it

“It’s really a shame we weren’t so much together on set. So when I shot the previous scene, we were all happy together. So I was very focused on shooting. to make that scene as precious as possible. We had a very nice and bright past, so the shooting was quite different. Jong Suk hyung and the director said I like to shoot the part of the past. Personally, I like this state of mind. It was really fun during the shoot. ”

big mouth ho ho couplebig mouth ho ho couple

Although the love story between Chang Ho Park with Go Mi Ho sadly will end but the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk And SNSD Yoona It made fans expect the two to work together again. SNSD Yoona then revealed the feeling that “There are a lot of fans who want me and Jong Suk unnie to work together again on a series of romantic comedies. I really hope that in the future we will have this opportunity. Yes.”

Finally, fans expect both of them to receive an award. Best Couple Award at work Dramatic Awards MBC 2022 to achieve this, which side SNSD Yoona timidly replied, “If I got this award, it would be nice.” Together with thanking all those who have always supported his work.

big mouth still cutbig mouth still cut

For those who are still missing and want to follow these stories together. can look at the intense history in between Chang Ho Park with Go Mi Ho Back in the series Big mouth via Disney + Hotstar

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