Sniper Team Eliminates Armed Criminal Group Member in Star Mountains

Sniper Team Eliminates Armed Criminal Group Member in Star Mountains

Star Mountains

The Cartenz Peace Operation sniper team succeeded in shooting one member of an armed criminal group (KKB) led by Ananias Ati Mimim to death. Like in the movies, the sniper action was even carried out from a distance of 800 meters.

Reported detikSulsel, Friday (22/9/2023), the sniper action was carried out in Oksibil District on Thursday (21/9) at around 16.00 WIT. Head of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Bayu Suseno, said that his party had been carrying out a chase for 3 days after the consecutive attacks were carried out. KKB in the Star Mountains.

“It’s true, our sniper team managed to shoot dead one of the KKB members, whom we shot from a distance of 800 meters when they shot at a logistics plane passing at the height of Oksibil,” said Bayu to detikcomThursday (21/9).

Bayu revealed that the KKB member who died was named Ricky Sasaka. However, when officers conducted a search of the location, Ricky’s body was not found, allegedly having been taken into the forest by his colleagues.

“Seen through binoculars, member KKB was injured due to gunfire from our sniper team. According to reliable sources, the perpetrator was shot in the hand and chest through the back and was seriously injured. “The latest information is that he is dead,” he explained.

“The body and weapons were taken into the forest while the Task Force was chasing and combing,” added Bayu.

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