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Snapchat works hard to secure every user’s data on its platform. Indeed, the company is doing everything possible to combat the cyberattacks that have gained ground in recent years. Just yesterday, it launched a new monitoring tool called “Family Center” allowing parents to know who their children are interacting with on the platform.

It is clear that Snapchat actively participates in the education of young people while improving online safety. This new tool empowers kids to make the right choices and gives parents a way to keep an eye on their young children’s activities. However, “Family Center” does not allow parents to read discussions.

Protection Snapchat

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More details on the “Family Center” tool

“Family Center” is a prevention tool allowing parents or guardians to monitor the activities of their children aged 13 to 18 on social media. So parents know who their kids are talking to even when they’re not nearby. However, they cannot listen to or read their private conversations, nor is time spent on the platform listed.

The child and parents must give their consent by accepting the Family Center invitation before the monitoring tools can take effect. From the moment the tool is activated, parents have access to the entire list of friends of their children but also to the list of people communicating with them during the last 7 days. That’s not all, parents can also report an account considered dangerous, confidentially.

Snapchat plans to launch more features

Child safety on social media is an important topic, which is why Snapchat is not content with just “Family Center”. In the coming weeks, the platform will also add a feature allowing parents to see newly added contacts.

Remember that social media platforms are in the crosshairs of regulators because of their influence on young people. Critics have even claimed that these platforms prioritize their profits instead of focusing on the well-being of users.


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