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SNAP Benefit Payment Schedule by State in August 2022 – Find Out When You’ll Receive Your Payment

In 9 days, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will begin making its next payments to the beneficiaries of the month of August.

The SNAP assistance program makes payments each month, but the dates may be different by state.

Certain states deliver all food stamp payments in one to three days, while other states spread them out over most of the month.

Families who qualify for SNAP will receive their payments via an electronic prepaid benefit transfer card.

The EBT card works similar to a debit card and can be used at authorized establishmentsincluding farmers markets, supermarkets and online stores.

Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota and Alaska will be the first states to send SNAP benefit payments to eligible households, with all of these recipients receiving payments on August 1.

All other states and the District of Columbia will begin issuing payments during the month of August and will extend for several days.

Below are the payment schedules for each state:

–Alabama: August 4-23
Alaska: August 1st
–Arizona: from August 1 to 13
–Arkansas: August 4-13
–California: from August 1 to 10
–Colorado: from August 1 to 10
–Connecticut: August 1-3
–Delaware: August 2-23
–District of Columbia: August 1-10
–Florida: from August 1 to 28
–Georgia: from 5 to 23 August
–Hawaii: August 3-5
–Idaho: from August 1st to 10th
–Illinois: from 1 to 20 August
–Indiana: August 5-23
–Iowa: August 1-10
–Kansas: August 1-10
–Kentucky: August 1-19
–Louisiana: from 1 to 23 August
–Maine: August 10-14
–Maryland: August 4-23
–Massachusetts: August 1-14
–Michigan: August 3-21
–Minnesota: August 4-13
–Mississippi: from 4 to 21 August
–Missouri: from August 1st to 22nd
–Montana: August 2-6
–Nebraska: August 1-5
–Nevada: from August 1 to 10
–New Hampshire: August 5
–New Jersey: from August 1 to 5
–New Mexico: from August 1 to 20
New York: August 1-9
–North Carolina: August 3-21
North Dakota: August 1st
–Ohio: from August 2 to 20
–Oklahoma: August 1-10
–Oregon: August 1-9
–Pennsylvania: August 3-14
Rhode Island: August 1st
–South Carolina: August 1-10
–South Dakota: August 10th
–Tennessee: from 1 to 20 August
–Texas: from August 1 to 28
–Utah: August 5, 11 and 15
Vermont: August 1st
–Virginia: from August 1 to 7
–Washington: August 1-20
–West Virginia: August 1-9
–Wisconsin: August 1-15
–Wyoming: August 1-4

Normally, states with higher poverty levels will have more SNAP recipients.

The amount a family that qualifies for SNAP receives will depend on the income and requirements of the state in which you reside. And is that each state has its own rules.

On average, a three-person household receives about $577 per month in SNAP benefits, with a maximum of up to $740.

On average, a household of eight receives about $1,150 per SNAP benefit payment, with a maximum of up to $1,691.

For families with more than eight people, the calculation is made by adding a maximum of $211 dollars for each additional person.

However, the exact maximum payments will vary by state.

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