SN 2020 Red Giant Star Explosiontlf Scientists Watch Live!

Scientists have witnessed the explosion of the red giant SN 2020tlf. This is also the first time astronomers have witnessed an explosion live.

This great moment became a historic one for human understanding. For hundreds of years, no one has answered about the death of the star.

Theories in circulation are just a possibility of the research going on. With this explosion, the secret has been revealed.

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Red Giant Star Explosion Phenomenon SN 2020tlf

Stars that shine brightly with millions of lights can also die. No one knows how the tumultuous process of the death of the star before.

Research on stars continues in the past hundreds of years to this day. Theories about the formation and destruction of stars are still being discussed.

Some time ago, there was a historic event in the science of astronomy. Scientists and astronomers saw firsthand the explosion that occurred in the star.

Through the explosion, scientists realized that there was a theory that was wrong in the knowledge of stars all along.

Prior to this event, scientists had predicted an explosion in a giant star.

They say that the large red star that will be detected tends to calm down before exploding. However, new observations reveal something different.

The team of scientists found the star emits a bright radiation. It’s more like something more significant is going on inside the star.

Wynn Jacobson-Galan, lead author of the study, explained that this event is a breakthrough for understanding massive stars just before they die or explode.

He also added that this was the first time the team of scientists had seen the explosion of the red giant SN 2020tlf.

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Become the Object of Observation

Of course, because this explosion event is a historic one, scientists finally did research. Previously, it turns out that researchers have found this star.

They found a giant red star in the summer of 2020. At that time the star emitted a large amount of light.

Since then, observations have been made. The scientists used the Pan-STARRS telescope located in Maui, Hawaii.

Furthermore, in the autumn this star experienced a supernova explosion in the form of a strong flash of light which the researchers recorded using the Keck Observatory’s Low Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (LRIS).

With these new observations, new data emerges that indicate the possibility that some stars will change their internal structure significantly before exploding.

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The star will experience a supernova explosion when it runs out of fuel. They would disintegrate under gravity and could trigger a massive carbon fusion explosion.

To be called a supernova, a star must have at least 8 to 15 times the mass of the sun. Massive stars that explode also have the opportunity to become black holes.

The explosion of the red giant star SN 2020tlf became a historically important event for the sustainability of human astronomy. (R10/HR-Online)

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