Smorodskaya: Semin burns bridges. His statements are utopian

Smorodskaya: Semin burns bridges. His statements are utopian

June 1, 2020, 16:37

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Ex-president of Lokomotiv Olga Smorodskaya commented on an interview with the former head coach of the team Yuri Semin, in which he criticized the leaders of the club and urged them to resign.

“Of course, Yuri Palych burns bridges. After such attacks on the leadership, it is clear that he will no longer be called to this club. This is the guide. Everything that Yuri Palych says has the right to life, but this is some ideal picture. I mean his opinion on transfers. He says that when buying a player, he must be 100% sure of him. One hundred percent can be sure only of Messi, Ronaldo and, perhaps, Suarez. All other players, without exception, must undergo adaptation to the country, and to the championship, and to the team. No one can be sure that everything will work out.

The ideal model drawn by Yuri Pavlovich is certainly remarkable. But for some reason, Yuri Pavlovich himself did not always follow her. When I came to Lokomotiv, there was a huge attack on me so I bought Artyom Milevsky. For several months, the club was bombed. There were almost no publications that would not write which Artyom Milevsky is a great player. Fans staged demonstrations, Semin gave me ultimatums. Surkis gave me the last price – € 12 million. I had the willpower not to buy Milevsky. But now everyone has forgotten about it. But what about the ideal Semin model? That is, one thing is an ideal picture, the other is real life. Not everything is so linear and unambiguous. Statements of Yuri Pavlovich are utopian, ”Sport24 quotes Smorodskaya.

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