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Smart glasses allow deaf people to read conversations around them

The British company X-Ray Glass has launched smart glasses that allow the deaf and hard of hearing to read the conversations that take place around them, thanks to augmented reality technology.

This technology represents a revolution in the field of empowering deaf people, as it allows them to connect their glasses to a smartphone, which converts conversations into texts that can be read in real time, as the glasses contain a microphone that picks up sound. and sends it in less than a second on the phone, according to what is reported by the “BGR” website for technical news.

XRAI Glass, which developed the technology, says that thanks to its speech recognition capabilities, the glasses can identify who is speaking and will soon be able to translate languages ​​and provide features to recognize accents and speech tones.

The company has not shared how the software and glasses work in the noisiest environments, but a promotional video shows them in use in multiple environments, and XRAI Glass hopes to provide technology that allows the glasses and software to distinguish different sound sources in the near future.

Deaf or hard of hearing people can participate in conversations without having to focus only on the person speaking, as the glasses display text on the lenses in front of them.

Conversation data is saved only on the user’s phone rather than on cloud storage, which protects their privacy and ensures that their conversations are not intercepted, according to the website Technology Review, which indicated that the price of these glasses reaches the 483 US dollars.

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