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Slovan Bratislava Prepares for 2023/2024 Season Opener against FC Swift Hesper

After an almost two-month break, they are again ready for a sharp duel. The football players of Slovan Bratislava are preparing for the first match of the 2023/2024 season.

Photo: TASR, Jaroslav Novák

Vladimír Weiss senior and Ivan Kmotrík Jr. in action against Mostar.

The Slovak champion will challenge the Luxembourg champion FC Swift Hesper on Wednesday at 20:30 on their home turf in the 1st preliminary round of the Champions League.

“The goals remain unchanged. We want to defend the title and, given the coefficient, achieve another great success on the international stage – to qualify for the group stage of one of the European cups.

I believe that we are fielding a competitive team. I see it as a small minus that I couldn’t prepare a complete squad for coach Weiss and we didn’t make all the transfers for the first match,” stated Slovan CEO Ivan Kmotrík Jr.

The reinforcements are not over yet, and Čakvetadze’s stay is also open, although according to Kmotrík, Slovan lost a more advantageous position due to the weaker interest of the fans.

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“I would not like to disturb the atmosphere before tomorrow’s important match by debating other footballers. We have players in sight, we will see. The transfer window is open. Today we are not in the final phase with any player.

Čavrič will also be ready for a double match. Čakvetadze is also associated with fans’ interest in matches outside the European Cup, with Dunajská Streda or before the match with Swift, when over 10,000 tickets are sold.

We have the best supporters in Slovakia, but every player wants to play in front of a full audience in the league as well. We have to be more efficient in this, so that we can attract the players to that wonderful atmosphere.

We have sold over a thousand season tickets, but compared to clubs like Slavia or Sparta, Rapid Vienna or Ferencváros, it is very little. We are not able to pay such amounts for players like them.

That is also why we were not able to pay Chakvetadze. We are no longer a priority for him, he has an offer from the French league. Our situation is more difficult, but the decision is not as it was presented in the media. We also communicated with his agent today,” explained Kmotrík.

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