Slimane shares a moment of play with his daughter, Esmeralda

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The artist was born in 1989 in Chelles. He became interested in music as a teenager, joining a gospel choir. In the 2000s, he tried his luck in several programs such as La Nouvelle Star and X-factor. Eventually, Slimane will gain notoriety by emerging victorious from season 5 of The Voice. Having become an essential singer on the French scene, he is preparing to represent the country in the competition of l’Eurovision 2024. A hell of a challenge for Slimane, who always performs as part of the Cupidon tour. That said, the star always knows how to make time for the apple of her eye: little Esméralda. We take stock!

Slimane plays dinner with his daughter

As Christmas approaches, please note that children love imitation games. Mini-kitchen or cash register in painted wood… Doing like the grown-ups has always had something to do with hose for developing toddlers. However, children of stars do not seem to be exceptions to the rule. Yesterday, we had already followed Slimane, in the middle of a cooking session. And this cordon bleu talent has visibly inspired his daughter, Esméralda. At almost 2 years old, she chose a very special game this Saturday morning. To know : the dinette.

Equipped with small plastic plates, she presented herself in front of her father. The objective? Make him taste them all a bunch of imaginary specialties. If parents read us, they will inevitably understand what it is about. For his part, Slimane played the game, without complaining. On the contrary, he immortalized this moment, before posting the video on Instagram. We can thus hear the young dad encourage the childbetween two (false) bites.

“Again, will you give me some?” Thank you my daughter. »

Slimane happily plays with Esméralda – Photo credits: Instagram capture

The singer’s busy schedule

Last summer, the public was able to see the artist sitting in the red armchairs of The Voice Kids. Indeed, Slimane now plays the role of coach for young talents. Last November, he also won a new award at the NRJ music awards. Enough to reassure him of his talent. And for good reason: in the coming months, he will have to defend the colors of France l’Eurovisionwith its title My love. Until then, he has plenty of time to train, with the concerts he gives as part of his tour.

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