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Slavia Football Club Hit with Record-Breaking UEFA Fine and Stadium Closure

Slavia Football Club has been fined a total of 91,625 euros (about 2.23 million crowns) for the events during the Europa League home match with AS Rome (2:0), which is the highest monetary penalty ever handed down by the UEFA disciplinary committee.

In addition, the people of Prague have conditionally closed the North stand, and assistant coach Zdeněk Houštecký was suspended for one match for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Among the Czech clubs, only Sparta received a higher fine in 2018 due to fan riots in the 2nd preliminary round of the Europa League with Spartak Subotica. Letenští paid two fines in the total amount of 100,000 euros (over two and a half million crowns in total) and had the stadium closed for the next home match in the cups.

The commission accused Slavia of organizational shortcomings and the behavior of fans in the stands. The people of Prague must pay 34,000 euros for blocking the staircase and exits and 30,000 euros for using pyrotechnics in the “cauldron” of the most active supporters in the North stand. According to UEFA, the fans were also guilty of provocative and insulting slogans (17,500 euros) and throwing objects onto the field of play (10,125 euros).

It is the North stand that is now in a condition due to the use of pyrotechnics. Sectors 106 to 110 at the Eden Stadium will be closed for one European Cup match if fans breach UEFA rules again in the next two years.

“Kotel” Slavia, which is located behind one of the goals, has already been in prison in the past. It was partially closed during, among other things, the quarter-finals of the Europa League in 2019 against London’s Chelsea. In 2022, in the preliminary round of the European Conference League against the Gibraltar team St Joseph’s, the usual fans were not allowed in the north stand at all, but thanks to an exception from UEFA, almost three thousand children could take the seats.

Slavia now has a condition for both home and away matches. After the opening game in Rome (0:2) against AS, for the inappropriate behavior of its supporters, UEFA fined it 20,000 euros (almost half a million crowns) and in addition, for one cup match at the opponent’s field, the sale of tickets to the away section was conditionally prohibited, again with a two-year ban trial period.

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