Slavia and Feyenoord played a half-time of horror. Trpišovský was furious, but he took the blame

Slavia football coach Jindřich Trpišovský was ashamed of the team’s performance in the first half of the European Conference League match with Feyenoord and described the performance of his charges as catastrophic and desperate. Midfielder Tomáš Holeš also acknowledged that Slavia played one of the worst halves since coming to the Prague club.

“In the first half, it was clearly a disastrous performance from us from the collected goal. We knew roughly what awaited us, we were preparing for it. Unfortunately, none of it worked in the first half, we were a sparring partner. The trackers had an iron in hand “It’s unbelievable to me how much they had to defend themselves for the players in the field. It was desperate. I’m ashamed of what we showed here in the first half,” Trpišovský said at a press conference.

“I have to take it on. The line-up didn’t work, some player interactions didn’t work. We wanted to play differently than we did. In the first half we got a lesson in aggression and presink, from top to bottom. his performance, “added the Slavic coach.

During the break, the coaches spoke very strongly to the players. “I was bad already during the first half, there was just a terrible roar here. It was quite useless, a lot of things could not be heard at 10 meters. I was furious in the first half, then I lost it a bit at half-time. It was a holiday of football and if we are afraid to play in such an environment, it is incomprehensible to me, “Trpišovský was angry.

“The second goal illustrated exactly what was happening on the field and in personal fights. We succumbed terribly to the environment. The opponent, of course, played great and had great players. But we were clueless on the field. I also prayed that it was half time. He knew I think the team needs change, a different approach, “he added.

He made three changes during the break and the alternating players increased the team’s performance. “I felt like (former coach) Petr Uličný, who once told me that if he hadn’t been held by his assistants, he would have been replaced in the fifth minute. that it is possible to make such an intervention in the team, “said Trpišovský.

“The second half was relatively better, but we made the match very difficult. Playing here and chasing a 0: 2 loss is very difficult. We scored early and thanks to improved performance and the help of substituting players we had some options. On the other hand if we settled here, it would probably be very unfair after the course of the first half, when it was an open day on our part, “added Trpišovský.

Holeš: I was already hoping for the end of the half

Like the coach of the stitchers, the midfielder Tomáš Holeš also saw the first half, who admitted that during the break there was a big “storm” in the coaches’ cabin. After the change of sides, the 28-year-old representative reduced, but his team could no longer compare and lost 1: 2 in the Netherlands.

“We wasted the first half in which we played really badly. It was probably one of the worst halves I played in Slavia. We didn’t run much, we weren’t aggressive at all and we didn’t get into anything. On the contrary, we faced one attack after another, “said Holeš for club television.

Feyenoord was more aggressive from the beginning and already led 2: 0 in the 24th minute. “The opponent flew at us, we couldn’t cope with it. They went to the open defense, they drove them full stadium. It doesn’t happen to us, aggression and running are usually our weapons. I was already hoping that the half would be over, we didn’t know by the board, “said Holeš.

The coaches spoke sharply during the break. “Of course it was a storm. We heard it from the coaches, we can say that we licked it nicely. But it was clear. It only helped us, because in the second half it was diametrically different. This is what it should look like. they lost in the first half, “said Holeš.

The home keeper expected a move to the right, but Petr Ševčík surprised him with a free kick aimed the other way 63 minutes into the match. “Before the standard, we said where to kick it. Let it put on the front. Masíček (Lukáš Masopust) and I ran there. Ševa (Ševčík) hit me beautifully, I sent it to the back pole,” Holeš said. “It’s a pity that the goal didn’t help us and we didn’t take at least one point. We scored quite early, I believed that we could still equalize,” added the former player of Jablonec and Hradec Králové.

He confirmed that he is doing well against the Dutch, in the eighth finals of the Summer European Championships he helped with a winning goal to win the Czech national team over “Oranje” 2: 0. “I don’t know what it is. I’m doing well against Dutch teams, that’s true. I’m probably lucky with them,” Holeš mused.

His team failed to successfully tune in to Sunday’s league derby with Sparta, which, on the other hand, won the European League over Glasgow Rangers 1: 0. “We have to take away from this match what can move us. A slap in the first half and a compliment in the second. We have to bounce back from him and show a similar performance in the derby,” Holeš added.

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