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Skrekas baptizes the obscene profit reductions… – 2024-04-22 21:51:53

The Minister of Development announced that he would take new measures on inflation, but at the same time he found that the previous ones… paid off

It is possible that Eurostat’s preliminary reports on the March inflation in Greece were a resounding slap in the face for the Mitsotakis government and in particular for the responsible minister Kostas Skrekas, but the announcement of inflation for the same month by the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) was the… punch in the jaw that caused panic in the government ranks. It is also very recent the big words of K. Skrekas and Kyriakos Mitsotakis about the fact that the package of measures that they announced at the beginning of the year and which came into effect from the beginning of March would bring a blow to the inflation of the filthy lucre that they themselves fuel due to the absence of controls so that to show tax-inducing GDP growth through VAT.

On the other hand, the polls show that more than 80% of the citizens have labeled the Mitsotakis – Hatzidakis – Skrekas as a failure regarding the handling of corruption. It is clear from the polls that before long the citizens will realize that the trio of destruction for their purchasing power is not failing, but is fooling them by refusing to intervene properly in the intermediate supply chain (between the producer and the consumer) from which it arises the inflation of greed especially for food. However, as the wise people say, first the soul comes out and then the hui. Thus, and despite the fact that both Eurostat and especially ELSTAT show a new supply of profiteering in prices despite the Skreka measures, they cultivate false hopes for an alleged reduction in inflation, focusing selectively on some food categories whose price was reduced in February for seasonal reasons.

27.7% increase in food

According to the official announcement, ELSTAT’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) moved up as a whole by 3.2% in March 2024 compared to March 2023. To understand the extent of the mockery, it is enough to say that ELSTAT it records an increase in ten product categories and a decrease in just one. The ones that stand out are the group “food and non-alcoholic beverages” with an increase of 5.3%, the group “hotels – cafes – restaurants” with an increase of 6.4% and the group “clothing – footwear” with an increase of 5.8% .

In food, to the recorded increase of 5.3% in March this year should be added the 14.3% recorded in March 2023 in relation to March 2022 and the increase of 8.1% recorded in March 2022 in relation to with 2021. As can easily be seen, the oletors of Greek society who celebrate the tax-inducing increase in GDP have brought an increase of 27.7% in the food category within two years. However, after ELSTAT’s announcements, K. Skrekas showed the “stature” to confront the seriousness by once again demonstrating the arrogant behavior “we are mocking you and you gave us 41%”: on the one hand he announced that he would take new measures and on the other hand discovered that “measures gradually pay off”!

The “sources” and RES

Then the anonymous executives and “sources” from the Ministry of Development who do not get spoiled when they present fake news took action to cover Mr. Skrekas together with Mr. Mitsotakis for what they are causing to the consumers who bend in front of the supermarket shelves. The Athens News Agency (APE) was chosen as the Trojan horse of disinformation. Even the systemic media could not stand such price-cutting bullshit. However, they willingly relayed what was reported by the country’s official news agency, which – like EYP – has been under the direct supervision of Mr. Mitsotakis since the first day of his administration. APE therefore found drops of optimism in the fact that seasonal decreases were recorded at month level (February – March) in fresh vegetables (-6.3%), fresh fish (-5.4%), pork (-2.1 %) and cheeses (-1.4%).

Of course, they recorded that in the March – February 2024 comparison for the “diet and non-alcoholic beverages” group there is a decrease of 1.1%, which is mainly due to the fact that traditionally due to seasonal employment (those who work in tourism are unemployed) and of the fact that due to Lent and Easter many people cut down on consumption greatly and therefore the law of supply and demand applies – since products are not in demand, prices fall. Therefore, it is valuable to compare each month with that of the previous year (but also the immediately preceding ones).

The map of March increases

The increase in General CPI by 3.2% in March 2024 compared to March 2023 was due to increases in:

  • 5.3% in food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • 1.8% on alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • 5.8% in clothing and footwear
  • 0.6% in housing
  • 4.4% in health
  • 2% in transport
  • 3.3% in leisure – cultural activities
  • 3.5% in education
  • 6.4% in hotels – cafes – restaurants
  • 1.3% on other goods and services
  • And 1.8% reduction in communications.

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