Skip single views… tvN said he got off Seol Min-seok and posted a video on YouTube

tvN “Get off at Seolminseok” after a stoppage
Upload a YouTube video of ‘bulging’ at dawn
Netizen “unsubscribe” anger

Minseok Seol of’Naked_World History’ / Photo = provided by tvN

While star lecturer Seol Min-seok admitted to plagiarism of his master’s thesis and stopped all broadcasting activities, tvN continues to upload videos of his history lectures, and controversy is expected.

On the 29th, Seol Min-seok admitted to his Facebook allegations of plagiarism, saying, “We are sorry for causing inconvenience and concern to many people due to the plagiarism of the master’s thesis.” He said, “It’s a terrible feeling because it doesn’t meet the undeserved expectations and trust you sent me.”

Accordingly, tvN’Seol Min-seok’s Naked World History’ (hereinafter’Naked World History’) and MBC’s’Guys Crossing the Line Returns’ (hereinafter’Fairies’) were hit directly. It is a situation that is more painful because it is a program focused on Seol Min-seok’s lecture. Nevertheless, both sides formulated Seol Min-seok’s exit by crying and eating mustard.

However, the problem is the broadcaster’s unwavering attitude. Externally, a video of Seol Min-seok’s lecture is being posted on tvN’s official YouTube account, which drew the line’Get off’.

Photo = tvN YouTube capture

Photo = tvN YouTube capture

First, Seol Min-seok posted an apology at 6 pm on the 29th. After that, tvN began to spread the news of Seol Min-seok’s departure from’Naked World History’ through a number of media. However, around midnight on the 30th, the tvN YouTube channel posted the highlight video of three episodes of’Naked World History’ divided into six clips.

There was a reaction that was absurd among netizens who saw the video. Most of the netizens commented, “Why are you posting this video right now?”, “Are you intentionally feeding?”, “The broadcaster is an intelligent anti”, and “I will cancel the subscription”.

Some argued that “the intention is to extract even the number of views”. In fact, 14 hours after the video was posted, the total number of views of 6 videos exceeded 30,000 times. Each video also has a number of advertisements, so there are criticisms that “the broadcaster is also the subject of responsibility, but instead of apologizing, they are trying to earn profits.”

I contacted tvN several times to confirm the position of tvN, but did not receive a reply.

Reporter Jeong Tae-gun [email protected]

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