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Skateboarding accident lawsuit ruled in favor of Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow wins her skateboarding accident lawsuit

On Thursday, American actress Gwyneth Paltrow won a lawsuit brought against her by a man who accused her of causing his injury in a 2016 skiing accident in Utah, sparing her from paying the $ 3.3 million in damages claimed by the plaintiff.

And the jury in a court in Utah, western United States, considered that Paltrow bore no responsibility in the accident involving retired ophthalmologist Terry Sanderson.

The actress was awarded the symbolic dollar she had demanded, as the jury found, after three hours of deliberation, that it was Sanderson, not Paltrow, who caused the accident.

Sanderson, 76, had confirmed that the accident, which occurred at an elite ski station in Rocky Mountain, had fractured four of his ribs and caused him permanent psychological damage.

Sanderson’s lawyers, in their closing arguments during the trial, argued that their client should receive compensation for the irreversible damage to his brain that negatively affected his quality of life.

The lawyers asked the court to award their client compensation of $ 33 for every hour from the day of the accident until his death, which they estimated to be 10 years later, a total of “3 million and 276 thousand dollars for the seventeen years during which Terry is expected to suffer this irreversible brain damage.” to heal.” But their request did not receive a response.


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