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Sir Bobby Charlton’s Cause of Death: Accident in Nursing Home


Sir Bobby Charlton recently passed away.
One reason the icon died was because he tripped in a nursing home, according to the BBC.

Photo: Bildbyrån.

On October 21, Manchester United legend Bobby Charlton passed away. He died in hospital.

Now the forensic doctor Jacqueline Devonish has given her statement on the cause of death. One of the reasons was that Charlton was involved in an accident, where he fell into a nursing home. According to the statement, the icon fell while he was standing on a chair and then he hit a window and possibly an element.

At first no injuries were visible, but after a while Charlton had swelling. He was admitted to hospital where examinations showed that he had broken ribs and that he would probably get pneumonia as a result.

The coroner states that the cause of death was trauma to the lungs, the fall and dementia.

Sir Bobby Charlton has been mourned by the entire football world since his death and Premier League matches have been preceded by tributes on behalf of the legend.

Sir Bobby Charlton was 86 years old.

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