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Sinner vs. Rune: Controversy at 2023 Nitto ATP Finals in Turin

The Editorial Staff Thursday 16 November 2023, 11.28pm

After a first set dominated by Jannik Sinner (6-2), got fired up the challenge between the blue and the Dane Rune at Nitto ATP Finals in Turin. There were many twists and turns in the match including some physical back problems for Sinner who had to slow down the pace, leading his Scandinavian rival to secure the second set (7-5).

Runes, controversy and whistles

In the third set, during the third game, Rune’s controversy against the chair umpire begins: Sinner responds to the first from the Dane, who late requests the challenge against himself to call his long ball. However, the call came significantly late, as claimed by the referee: the intervention of the video review demonstrates what happened and therefore denies theHawk eye a Rune. The gesture was not liked by the Pala Alpitour crowd who booed the Danish tennis player profusely.

Sinner against Rune: the Nitto ATP Finals match in photos

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2023-11-16 22:28:00
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