Singapore Airlines Pays Compensation to Couple Due to Farting Dog Incident

Singapore Airlines Pays Compensation to Couple Due to Farting Dog Incident

SINGAPORE AIRLINES: The couple who received compensation flew with Singapore Airlines. Photo: Michael Probst / AP

An upset couple from New Zealand has received over NOK 15,000 in compensation from Singapore Airlines. Cause? Bad smell from a farting dog.


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Have you heard the story about the dog that farted so much that two airline passengers had to move from premium to economy class on a flight from Paris to Singapore?

Not? If so, you should read on.

It was in June that Gill and Warren Press had been on holiday in the French capital, and were due to return home to New Zealand. On the 13-hour first leg from Paris to Singapore, the married couple had bought seats in Singapore Airlines’ premium class.

They were looking forward to better legroom and some extra entertainment.

It didn’t turn out quite as they had imagined, the couple tells Insider.

When they got on board they discovered that their seats were next to a man who was flying with his dog. According to the New Zealand news website Stuff Gill overheard the owner telling another passenger that he was so nervous about flying that he had to bring his dog into the cabin.

The journey quickly started to become uncomfortable, explains Gill. The dog both drooled on her husband’s leg and it snorted loudly. In addition, he took some of the legroom from the husband, because the owner, who had the dog between his legs, had to make sure that it did not lie partially out in the aisle.

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– I told my husband that “you have to clean this up. We can’t have a dog next to us all this time,” says Gill Press.

But when the cabin crew told them that there were no seats available in the premium class, so the only option was to move further back in the plane to the narrower economy seats, they initially dismissed the idea.

Then the dog allegedly started farting.

DOGS ON FLIGHTS: A number of airlines allow service dogs on board planes. The dog in the picture has nothing to do with the episode on board the Singapore Airlines plane, and VG has no knowledge of the intestinal system of this particular dog. Photo: Julio Cortez / AP / NTB

Then things sped up. The press couple moved to the back of the plane.

But they didn’t think much of that. After all, this was not what they had paid for. That’s why they complained to the airline.

Singapore Airlines first offered two gift cards worth almost NOK 800. The couple did not think so. They complained. Around a month later, Singapore Airlines came back with an offer of two gift cards worth almost NOK 500 more.

But that didn’t hold for Warren and Gill Press either. They had paid a lot more for their fancy tickets, and wanted more in return. In the end, the airline gave in and gave them more than NOK 15,000.

– It was the least they could do. If they had wanted to be really nice, they would have given us much more, says Gill to Insider.

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But the money will not go to new plane tickets. They are to be donated to an organization in New Zealand, which offers guide dogs to the blind and partially sighted.

– It wasn’t about money. It was a principle of holding people accountable, says Gill.


Published: 24.09.23 at 22:44

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