Silent Night: A Silent Action Film by Director John Woo – First Reviews and Release Date

The new film by director John Woo, whom you may know from films like, will be released at the beginning of December Face/Off in Windtalkers from quite a few years ago. Now the Chinese film director comes with Silent Night.

And there is something remarkable about this “Christmas movie”. The action film is a literal “silent night”, because not a word is spoken in the film. A piece of cake for protagonist Joel Kinnaman (The Informer, The Suicide Squad), you could say.

First reviews
The first reviews, 37 at the time of writing, are now on Rotten Tomatoes and they score jointly 65 percent on the Tomatometer, with an average rating of 5.90/10. Because the reviews are not that high, the advice is to watch the film with a bowl of popcorn.

“Silent Night reaffirms that an action movie doesn’t need a lot of dialogue if the set pieces are solid enough – and that even a mediocre John Woo movie can be worth the price of admission,” is the critics consensus.

Silent Night
In Silent Night Godlock mourns the death of their son with his wife Saya. On Christmas Eve he was unintentionally involved in a settlement in the crime world. Godlock seeks revenge. When he sees the gang on his heels, he goes to extremes.

Silent Night will be released in Dutch cinemas from December 7.
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