signs of stroke Inject in 4.5 hours Mobile car, Institute of Neurology

“Golden time” for patientsstroke or Stroke It is important to getthrombolytic drugsWithin 4 and a half hours, but the city is in a traffic jam condition Until the patient crosses the traffic to the hospital, it may be too late. neuroscience institute The Department of Medical Services has launched mobile cars to serve patients. To have access to early diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

incidence of stroke

information fromNeuroscience Society of Thailand Specify the incidence of stroke in 2017-2020

  • In 2017 the amount was 278.49 per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Year 2018, number 303.20 per hundred thousand inhabitants
  • Year 2019, number 318.89 per hundred thousand inhabitants
  • Year 2020, amount 328.00 per hundred thousand inhabitants

It is the second most common cause of death in Thailand.

On November 28, 2022, Prasat Neurological Institute organized the activities NIT HOUSE OPEN Visit the Institute of Neurology service Which has the vision of being a national medical institution of international quality, modern and advanced expertise in diseases of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system is accepted domestically and internationally The event has been launched . “Mobile Race Unit”

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Stroke should be given within 4.5 hours.

Dr. Krittima Asavaveeradej, specialist in neurology and neurology The Institute of Neurology said that the mobile cerebrovascular diagnostic vehicle (mobile travel unit) Useful in terms of saving time for the patient. to access the hospital Because ischemic stroke treatment should be administered within 4.5 hours of the onset of symptoms.

But there are limitations in some areas where patients cannot enter the hospital on time. That having this machine is therefore a time saver. in the car to meetFirst Aid 1669 Halfway, to get a computed tomography of the brain. Administer drugs that dissolve blood clots in the car.

“The longer it is left for patients with cerebral ischemia, the result is cerebral necrosis. it will not be able to recover again. Patients may be disabled for the rest of their lives. or become weak altogether. But if the patient can quickly dissolve the blood clot will treat dead brain tissue better Some patients from weak If you can’t walk, you can go back and walk,” said Dr. Krittima.

Racing mobile car

service of this vehicle due toneuroscience institute The service covers the northern area of ​​Bangkok adjacent to the west coast, which is the province of Nonthaburi, with which the car will coordinateEmergency Medical Service Unit 1669 When there is a case of a patient calling the 1669 emergency hotline, an emergency ambulance will pick up the patient. In the meantime, the patient’s condition will be evaluated. and he contacted this car to also come to the neurological institute The car will start within 10 minutes after being synchronized. they will meet halfway at the rendezvous point

The inside of the car was able to do computed tomography of the brain. Which the scan will make preliminary knowledge that the cerebral arteries are narrowed or ruptured. If there is no bleeding in the brain equal to an ischemic stroke, it can be administered.thrombolytic drugson a mobile car with the patient

signs of stroke Inject in 4.5 hours Mobile car, Institute of Neurology

Also, if in doubtPatients with coronary artery stenosis Able to scan large arteries if there is stenosis Will coordinate with the hospital to prepare for the insertion of a root catheter to remove blood clots, and tracheal intubation can be performed if necessary. inside the security guard, there are circuit cameras and radio communications that can coordinate with the ER. of the institution at any time

“It can be said that it can save half the time of patients visiting the hospital. or help patients access services faster because instead of waiting to come to the hospital But this car will go out for service to meet halfway with the emergency ambulance picking up the patient,” said Dr. Krittima.

signs of cerebrovascular disease

Incidence ofstrokeIt is the disease which is the second leading cause of death in Thailand, Dr. Krittima said the higher the ischemic stroke, the higher the rate is about 70-80%, with the symptoms of this disease appearing immediately.

  • There will be weakness in half of the limbs, unable to stand up.
  • or your mouth is crooked, you can’t speak clearly, or some people can’t speak
  • Or there could be a sudden stagger.
  • or see the view disappear
  • or suddenly dizzy
  • It’s easy to remember that it’s hard to talk, your mouth drops down, you can’t lift it.

If any of these symptoms suggest a stroke, go to the hospital right away or call the 1669 emergency medical hotline.

signs of stroke Inject in 4.5 hours Mobile car, Institute of Neurology

for the service ofneuroscience institute There are other brain and neurology centers of excellence as well, including the Stroke Center of Excellence. Neurological Cancer Center of Excellence Spinal Cord Center of Excellence Neuroimmune Disease Center of Excellence and the Epilepsy Center of Excellence.

Incidentally, donations may be made to contribute to the development and support of Prasat Neurological Institute at Krungthai Bank, account name, Prasat Neurological Institute Foundation, account number 020-1-33312-0.

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